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Procedure to Become a Member Society

​Procedure for application and review of new societies proposals

The WCCES welcomes applications from professional societies (associations or groups) with a focus on comparative and international education to become members of the WCCES.

In order to apply for membership of WCCES, the main documents to be submitted to the Chair of the WCCES Admission and New Societies Committee are:

  1. Cover letter from the president of the professional society (association or group),

  2. Copy of the professional society’s constitution,

  3. Document outlining the required components necessary for membership in the professional society as per Article 3 of WCCES Statutes and Clause 2 of WCCES By-laws and Rules of Procedures.

The procedure for application and review:

Expression of interest to the Chair of the Admission and New Societies Standing Committee by the representative of the proposed new WCCES member society (by sending an email to

  1. Follow up and correspondence between the Chair and the proposed new society's representative.

  2. Preparation of documents (see WCCES By-Laws Clause 2.

  3. After the documents and materials have been reviewed and are deemed sufficient by the Admission and New Societies Standing Committee, the application is forwarded by the Chair of the Committee to the WCCES President, with a copy to the Secretary-General and the Treasurer for comment or clarification.

  4. The Secretary General arranges to have the application for admission placed on the agenda of the next formal meeting of the WCCES Executive Committee, including all documents.

  5. Admission of membership to WCCES depends on the satisfactory compliance with the requirements and criteria for membership including focus, constitutional legality, and documentation of required components of the proposed new society. During the application and review procedures, the Chair of the Admission and New Societies can facilitate, by clarifying issues and answering questions from the representative of the proposed new society.

Clarifications of the requirements for applications:

1. The new society must have a formal constitution that has been adopted by its members and must have office bearers, including a President or equivalent, who can represent the society at meetings of WCCES, and Secretary/Treasurer (one or two people). The Constitution will indicate the name of the society, mission statement, broad aims, objectives, number of office bearers, and membership requirements. Beyond these required components, the new society might have additional clauses and stipulations to suit its own situation. Each society has the right to choose how it runs its own business (refer to By-Laws Section 2.2 a).

2. The society must present a current list of members who are "paying" members. While there is currently no stipulated minimum number of members, applications need to demonstrate a reasonable membership sufficient to support a serious application. A list of at least 20 or more members would be highly desirable. At the time of receiving a submission, the WCCES Executive Committee will take the membership list into consideration in terms of the strength of the application (refer to By-Laws Section 2.2 b).

3. The new society must have met at least once and held at least one main activity (such as a conference or a seminar) in its name, and must have evidence of planned future events (refer to By-Laws Section 2.2 c).

4. The new society must be able to demonstrate (e.g., member interests, actual or proposed conference themes) that its field is comparative and international education. Some societies are sub-sets of larger pedagogical societies or are related to other, connected fields of endeavor (refer to By-Laws Section 2.3 a).

5. The new society must indicate its geographical scope (e.g., national, regional) or linguistic focus (e.g., francophone) in relation to comparative and international education (refer to By-Laws Sections 1.1 and 2.3 a).

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