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Elections 2024: Call for Nominations for WCCES Leadership Roles & Expression of Interest to organize WCCES Events

WCCES Election Task Force invites nominations for the leadership roles of:

1) WCCES President

2) WCCES Treasurer

3) WCCES Bureau Member-at-Large

WCCES Election Task Force invites Expression of Interest (EoI) for organizing VI WCCES Symposium 2025, VII WCCES Symposium 2026 and XIX World Congress 2027:

The call for nominations and EoI are open until Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

WCCES Journal & Chronicle are now indexed in 


Global Comparative Education: Journal of the WCCES and World Voices Nexus: The WCCES Chronicle are now indexed in ProQuest (part of Clarivate). Both these peer-reviewed publications accept articles in the six official languages of the United Nations, viz. Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. In fulfilling its commitment to open access publications, WCCES will continue to explore ways to make its publications more easily accessible to the comparative education research community worldwide.

14th Annual International Conference of Comparative Education Society of India (CESI)

For more details, please visit the CESI website.

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